Magnuson Park Picnics

Magnuson Park

We are fortunate to live in a very nice neighborhood in Northeast Seattle, with most of the city’s amenities in close proximity. We can walk to cafes, the library, a bookstore and many other wonderful spots… with many more just a short drive away. But while convenience is a hallmark of living in the city, space is not. Yes, we have a nice yard where Maddie can play and Laura can grow tomatoes, and our front porch is a great place for an al fresco dinner, but when the sun is out in summer we often head to the waterfront at Magnuson park for an evening of swimming in the lake (the girls, at least!) and a picnic with a view of Mount Rainier looming over Lake Washington.

Over the years we’ve gotten to know some of the regulars who frequent the same stretch of beach and we’ve become friends with a couple of families whose children go to the same school as Madeleine.  Though it’s only a five-minute drive from our house, it feels a world away. Sure, it’s not always easy to mobilize for dinner after a hectic day, but watching the sun set on Mount Rainier makes our decision to stay in Seattle feel right despite the misgivings that sometimes come with it. Far away from where we grew up, it’s a place that makes this feel like home.

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